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Do you want to Buy Bitcoin ACH in the USA or SEPA in the EU ?

Is buying Bitcoin from a trusted, reliable and safe online exchange important to you?

Are you unsure of what Bitcoin is and would you be interested in learning more about how to buy Bitcoin?

Answering yes to either of these two questions has brought you to the perfect site as BuyBitcoinACH is the easiest, safest and the most reliable platforms to sell and buy Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoins, and Ethereum.  Our reliable, secure and customer-centered platform which offers everyone regardless of your knowledge an exchange to safely, quickly and easily buy and sell digital coins.  Our team of experienced technical analysts has over 80 years of combined experience assisting clients to buy and sell all of the major digital currencies. The platform exchange makes it easier and faster for future clients to join our ever expanding number of satisfied customers and begin buying and selling digital currencies today!

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Transaction Security and Transparent Executions

Digital currency experts in a  recent survey all agreed that for every digital currency exchange the number one priority has to be security and executions that are transparent when users are transacting in digital currencies online.  This is why our platform is built on the safest and most secure servers using transparent executions on both buys and sell transactions available. is the number one choice for users buying and selling Bitcoins or other digital currencies all over the world due to our security, reliability, and transparency. Our web servers do not hold any digital coins off of clients and this unique feature prevents any loss from “hacks” or attacks on our website.  You can rest assured that all of our client's investment in digital coins is safe and secure.

Worldwide Universal Excellence is the Gold Standard for digital currency platforms the world over. Collectively our management team has been buying and selling digital assets for over 80 years.'s secure, trusted and most reliable digital exchange platform is available to everyone around the world access to our site any time and from anywhere.  In an ever-changing digital world, is constantly vigilant looking for the developing risks and industry changes. We continuously examine the platform of our Bitcoin exchange to ensure we have the best and most secure digital currency services available in the world. and our professional dedicated team members work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year to make sure our users will not be limited in any way to having access to our digital currency markets. Our users want the best and we go beyond the best each and every day delivering excellence.

What is a ACH/SEPA Transaction?

The acronym ACH stands for Automated Clearing House and SEPA is the Smart Electronic Power Alliance  which are both kinds of electronic payment systems allowing the transfer of fiat money from one bank account to another bank account account using a secure digital network which is based on a precise set of procedures and protocols.   ACH & SEPA transactions remove the slower cash, paper checks, bank wires and credit/debit networks, they are also called direct payments. ACH and SEPA systems are quick, secure and extremely dependable and these qualities have made ACH and SEPA transactions the most prevalent methods to send or receive money.  

An ACH or SEPA transaction requires two banking institutions: One is the Originating Depository Financial Institution (ODFI) and the Receiving Depository Financial Institution (RDFI).  ACH and SEPA transactions involve direct payments and direct deposits which can be utilized for business, consumer and governmental transactions.  The technology that is behind the ACH and SEPA transactions are not complicated.  First, a sender uses either the ACH or SEPA network to start a direct payment or a direct deposit.

The mechanism behind the ACH/SEPA transaction is simple. Foremost, a sender uses the ACH/SEPA network to initiate a direct payment or direct deposit. The Originating Depository Financial Institution (ODFI) is the bank of the sender and it will send out the ACH or SEPA transaction attached with other ACH and SEPA transactions of many other bank holders to the ACH or SEPA operators most likely a clearing house of the Federal Reserve.  The transaction is processed by the ACH or SEPA operators and then it is made available to the and then it is made available to the Receiving Depository Financial Institution (RDFI).  The transaction is complete when the recipient receives the initiated transaction.

Why are ACH/SEPA transactions beneficial?

ACH/SEPA transaction benefits include:

  • Extremely low transaction fees for transferring money.
  • All transactions have extra security due to minimal processing points.
  • Efficient and easy transactions with payment, auto invoicing, and payment tracking.
  • Sender and receiver experience better convenience.
  • Faster processing time saves time.
  • Human errors associated with similar other types of transactions are reduced greatly.


How much can a user invest? Are there transactional quantity restrictions?

$3,000 is the maximum limit when our users initially open an account.  If you would like your limit increased you can go to the dashboard on your account and initiate “Increase my Limits”.  You will be directed by our compliance department to upload the required documentation necessary for a determination to be made.  Some but not all of these documents may include a picture identification.  The increase on your account will be determined and set after a review of your documentation by our Chief Compliance Officer.


After I make a purchase, how many days until I receive the CryptoCurrency? Can I sell the CryptoCurrency the very next day?

Typically, senders using the ACH/SEPA process have three days to cancel all transactions; because of this period, we will ensure our transactions are quickly processed and our clients receive the bitcoin within five to eight days.  The volume of transactions on the Blockchain can impact the delivery date.  Users are not able to sell their Crypto Currency the next day because the ACH processing and settlement period have not completed.

Where Can I access my Digital Currency portfolio?

Our users can access their portfolio on the dashboard in the account after logging onto the platform.  The user then selects My Wallet from the menu and all digital positions are shown to the client.  Each user is given a free Blockchain completely segregated digital wallet with a unique private key.  Clients can buy, sell, transfer or store directly from these secure independent wallets.


  • BCHEUR  1.22%

    125.37 EUR

    Volume: 60,074.23 BCH
  • BCHUSD  1.22%

    142.16 USD

    Volume: 60,074.23 BCH
  • BTCEUR  0.44%

    3,472.64 EUR

    Volume: 70,708.41 BTC
  • BTCUSD  0.44%

    3,937.76 USD

    Volume: 70,708.41 BTC
  • ETHEUR  0.38%

    128.87 EUR

    Volume: 1,045,485.63 ETH
  • ETHUSD  0.38%

    146.14 USD

    Volume: 1,045,485.63 ETH
  • LTCEUR  0.98%

    43.48 EUR

    Volume: 1,376,638.80 LTC
  • LTCUSD  0.98%

    49.30 USD

    Volume: 1,376,638.80 LTC