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Wondering, "How do I buy Bitcoin?"

Beginning in late 2017 and continuing through today, Bitcoin has been breaking into the financial mainstream. This means access to many new markets, but more importantly, Bitcoin has become a term as ubiquitous as the Internet itself. It is now everywhere. No news category is without stories on Bitcoin. Financial, political, human interest and even entertainment news stories have centered around this new digital currency.

Bitcoin was the first crypto-currency, developed anonymously in 2009 by a person or group referring to itself as Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin is a decentralized crypto-currency which doesn't rely on a bank or even a single administrator. Transactions are self-verifying through the blockchain in a peer-to-peer network.

Where Do Bitcoins Come From?

Bitcoins are the result of a process called mining. They aren't exactly 'discovered' like diamonds but are a 'reward' for allowing your computer or device to be used for blockchain calculations.

Today, over 100,000 businesses worldwide accept Bitcoin with that figure set to grow into the many millions. If you're asking 'what can I buy with Bitcoin', there are numerous directories of businesses that accept Bitcoin. Sites like OpenBazaar operate like eBay and let people trade using Bitcoin.

How To Buy Bitcoin Online

Now more than ever is the time to consider buying Bitcoin. Blockchain will change everyone's lives, one way or another. Just look in any morning's new's feed. There's a story about how blockchain will fundamentally alter one industry or another. Bitcoin is the most adopted cryptocurrency and therefore the most adopted form of blockchain technology. With its large market capitalization, it is hard to imagine a scenario where Bitcoin doesn't remain a player for the foreseeable future. With days of skyrocketing prices and deep dives, there is still an opportunity to make the most of early days of Bitcoin trading.

Before you start making purchases with it or trading Bitcoin for other currencies, you first need to know how to buy Bitcoins and store them safely.

There are a number of ways you can buy Bitcoin online using a bank. Buy Bitcoins with bank account transfer safety using

But first, you'll need a wallet before you can buy Bitcoin.

Digital wallets store your Bitcoins (and usually other cryptocurrencies). These wallets can be online or offline. Each method has its drawbacks. Like cash, cryptocurrencies can be lost. So it's important to have a Bitcoin wallet as strong as the best safe. works with Blockchain Wallet. Blockchain Wallet stores your digital currency on your phone and you can see the value of your cryptos in any fiat currency you chose. The user interface is easy-to-use. Most importantly, your private keys are 100% secure and inaccessible to anyone but the mobile wallet owner. No intermediary is ever accessing your coins at any point in a transaction. The app is 100% peer to peer.

One essential practice of managing cryptocurrency funds is creating a safe place to keep a recovery phrase. A recovery phrase is a password that will allow you back into your Blockchain Wallet in case a phone breaks and the app has to be installed on a new device. Usually, the recovery phrase will be written down and placed in a bank or safe. Blockchain Wallet never has access to the recovery phrase. This protects the wallet in the event of breakage, theft or loss.

Where To Buy Bitcoin

For small or large amounts of Bitcoin, allows you to buy Bitcoin with bank account. Compared with the time and effort it would take to acquire Bitcoin by mining or even trading, buying from an exchange is the cheapest way to buy Bitcoin.

Not all exchanges are equal. The best place to buy Bitcoins is from a trusted source. Many exchanges have popped up and soon closed after traders became aware of shady practices. The tricky question of where can you buy Bitcoins is answered by asking yourself what kind of exchange do you trust.

How To Purchase Bitcoin allows safe purchases of Bitcoin through bank transfers. Using the international ACH and SEPA systems as the payment method is fast and safe. ACH bitcoin payment fees are minimal and transactions are completed in about three days.

The best way to buy bitcoin if through a bank transfer. If you buy bitcoins with a bank account, ACH transfers require nothing more than a routing number and bank account. No credit card information is required. You don't need to supply a physical address either. This is also the fastest Bitcoin transaction compared to other methods.

If you've decided to buy Bitcoin with a bank account - one of the safest ways to buy Bitcoin where your personal information is kept safe, then sign up at Once you've signed up you'll be immediately able to purchase up to $2000US in Bitcoin. If you chose to verify your identity by sending us requested documents through our secure server, we will raise that initial $2000US limit.

Bitcoin offers a new world of opportunity with a technology the full scope of which is likely bigger than the Internet itself. The old Chinese proverb, "May you live in interesting times," seems to apply here. As a corollary, we say, "May you live in inventive times!". If you missed investing in the early days of the Internet or social media, don't miss this latest opportunity. While we can't guarantee anyone will get rich, we do feel it's safe to say that one day, humanity WILL run out of KILLER new tech ideas.

Governments, militaries, and even Facebook are developing blockchain variants meant to do everything from manage programs, improve battlefield operations and, in Facebook's case, probably something to do with watching what we're all typing. Those who begin learning even the basics of blockchain and Bitcoin today will understand far better the implications of how this technology will be used in other ways in the future, some of which may be in annoyingly invasive.



2472 verified reviews in the past 12 months


2472 verified reviews in the past 12 months


How Cryptocurrencies Work

How Cryptocurrencies Work

How Cryptocurrencies Work