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Buying Bitcoin Cash

You can buy Bitcoin Cash right here on Bitcoin Cash is a separate cryptocurrency from Bitcoin, created from a 'hard fork' off of the blockchain in August 2017. As a digital currency absolutely different from Bitcoin, the price fluctuates independently of Bitcoin and the two currencies have to be exchanged at a market rate just like any other currency pair.

Bitcoin Cash Trading

As early as May 2017, Bitcoin transactions were taking four days to complete. The slowness of transactions and a fee of almost $30 to speed up the process was making Bitcoin frustrating for cryptocurrency users who wanted to use Bitcoin for smaller transactions.

Bitcoin Cash was well publicized to the digital currency community ahead of time, and by the time of the initiation of the 'hard fork' many wallets and other apps had already added the capability to support Bitcoin Cash. The immediate success was due in part to the fact that buyers could buy the new Bitcoin Cash the same place they would buy Bitcoins.

The objective of the hard fork was to allow miners to continue outside of a Bitcoin implementation called 'Segregated Witness'. Not only miners but also many users and traders of Bitcoin felt 'Segregated Witness' would favor Bitcoin as an investment rather than as a transactional currency.

Bitcoin Cash Exchange

As the hard fork occurred on schedule at Bitcoin block height 477120, and Bitcoin Cash was born, the value immediately skyrocketed over 100%. This was a great boon to many crypto traders who received, at the time of the fork, one Bitcoin Cash token for every Bitcoin token in their wallets. Suddenly they found themselves with lots of crypto capital to trade in the market.

The problem, even today, has been finding a reliable place to trade Bitcoin Cash and exchange it for other cryptocurrencies or exchange it into traditional money. Many cryptocurrency exchanges moved quickly to make room for Bitcoin Cash, and many new exchanges popped up overnight. Some of these exchanges have been criticized for downtime and long wait times for transaction processing. Not every Bitcoin exchange, even today, also deals in Bitcoin Cash.

Where To Buy Bitcoin Cash

Unlike other trading platforms, gives our clients access to Bitcoin Cash through the ACH and SEPA financial transaction systems. This ensures timely completion of purchases and provides the utmost in security and convenience. In addition, ACH and SEPA transactions do not have limits like credit card transactions.

Where Does Bitcoin Cash Come From?

Just like many other cryptos, Bitcoin Cash comes from mining. The coins aren't exactly 'discovered' like diamonds but are a 'reward' for allowing your computer or device to be used for blockchain calculations.

Best Bitcoin Cash Exchange

While there remains potential in mining Bitcoin Cash, investment strategies for mining are totally different than buying Bitcoin Cash and holding it as an asset or using it as a transactional currency. Technology and electrical costs weigh heavy on those mining cryptocurrencies themselves. Those in mining pools pay various fees and percentages while having to choose from several mining methods and usually move between different pools in order to gain an advantage. Simply stated, mining is a difficult way to obtain cryptos and it comes with expenses and multiple areas of risk.

An alternative to mining is to buy from an exchange. offers the easiest and fastest access to Bitcoin Cash. Just follow the steps above and get safe, fast and guaranteed access to Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin Cash Wallet uses Blockchain Wallet for all your digital currencies. We make a free Blockchain Wallet to access your Bitcoin Cash.

Best Bitcoin Cash Wallet

Blockchain Wallet is one of the software wallets used for storing, buying and selling electronic cash like Bitcoin Cash. This is a secure wallet that keeps your digital currency and passkey encrypted. Like a paper wallet, they can get lost if they are stored locally on a computer that gets left behind or stolen. Over a billion dollars worth of Bitcoins is thought to be on a lost hard drive somewhere in a landfill in the United Kingdom.

The easy-to-use and safe Blockchain Wallet is one of the most popular online wallets and can be accessed from anywhere. It can be accessed from Android and IOS powered phones and devices. The Blockchain Wallet Website has a guide for ACH/SEPA transactions. We are no longer responsible for the safety of your coins once they are moved into your Blockchain Wallet.



2472 verified reviews in the past 12 months


2472 verified reviews in the past 12 months


How Cryptocurrencies Work

How Cryptocurrencies Work

How Cryptocurrencies Work