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Because everyone else is doing it. And that really isn't as bad an argument as it sounds. The popularity of a crypto, and hence its market cap, is dominated by two factors. First, the coin has to have a user base of people who use it as a currency. Second, it has to be attractive to investors, usually because of the success of the first factor and the potential for further adoption. Ethereum lands squarely in both camps.

Ethereum is a blockchain technology platform that uses a digital currency called Ether. It came into existence in 2014 when Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Bitcoin Magazine, developed the platform as a more robust blockchain than Bitcoin's. A crowdfunding campaign was used to pay for the development of the platform, and Bitcoin was used as the currency to purchase pre-mined Ether through the campaign. The primary improvement offered by the platform is a built-in scripting language that allows for easier development of Ethereum related apps like smart contracts. Buterin was the subject of a death hoax in the summer of 2017. Reports that Ethereum's founder died in a car crash caused the crypto's price to drop over 10%.

Ethereum has suffered from similar, though not as dire, speed issues as Bitcoin. The system could process 25 transactions a second as of late 2016. Several platform improvements are in development and the next version of Ethereum, Ethereum 2, was unveiled late in 2017.

Ethereum is the second largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. As a transactional currency, Ethereum has penetrated retailers like who began accepting Ethereum as one of their multiple crypto payment methods in 2018. Private Jet booking platform, TapJets, also recently began accepting the cryptocurrency.

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Ethereum is the first of a generation of blockchain platforms to include extended functionality that can be used to write transaction utilities like payment processing apps. As business opportunities in an interconnected world grow, the need for quick and borderless transactions will require robust systems that are easily adaptable by developers across the world. Ethereum offers more advanced functionality than any of the larger platforms. This makes the crypto a ripe choice for adoption as a preferred transactional currency, especially as crypto users more interested in the transaction than the technology or investment potential begin to use digital currency to conduct everyday business.

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So tomorrow's crypto success may be in the realm of transactional support. A currency that easily supports add-on innovation stands a real good chance of a life as a frequent choice for crypto payments. Right now Ethereum has the market capitalization and capabilities to at least maintain their position for the foreseeable future, if not one day overtake Bitcoin, at least in its current form.

Where Can I Buy Ethereum? lets you conveniently buy and sell Ethereum in a safe and fast environment where your purchases are guaranteed. Payments are processed through the international ACH and SEPA systems, unlike Coinbase. The benefits of ACH and SEPA are their reliability due to very little human interaction in the processing of transactions. These are the oldest and most secure transaction institutions on the planet.

Sell Ethereum can also be used to sell your Litecoins. Ethereum can be exchanged for traditional currencies or other digital currencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin.

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Depend on as the most reliable way to buy Ethereum and other cryptos. When you buy Ethereum ACH transactions are used because ACH and SEPA are the most worry-free methods of transferring money around the world. We have decades of combined experience with digital currency going back to the earliest stages of development.

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Our transactions are error-free and without delay. We want our clients to come back again and again for their cryptos. That's why the most important thing to us is a trustworthy and open trading platform.

How To Invest In Ethereum

In the minds of crypto users who participate for the primary purpose of buying and selling stuff with the currency, Ethereum is already the top choice as far as transactional currencies go. It's accepted more places than any other 'alternative' currency and transactions are processed at a faster pace than Bitcoin, even though Ethereum is slower than many of the other alternatives.

Whether purchasing Ethereum is a good investment or not depends on what you think the primary use of cryptos will be in long term. If the world needs a robust currency that can be easily integrated into solutions than Ethereum has a competitive advantage. If cryptos become more of a place for storing wealth, especially in the short term, than Ethereum's place as #2 could be more easily threatened by an up and coming crypto.

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Ethereum has been moving in line with other cryptos through the volatile market of 2018. This implies that the risk for Ethereum is about the same as Bitcoin or the other major cryptos. If you already have Ethereum coins, called Ether (ETC), you can use to sell Ethereum.

Buy Ethereum With USD can be used to buy Ethereum with US Dollars or sell Ethereum for US Dollars. All transactions are done safely through the international ACH and SEPA financial transaction systems.

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2472 verified reviews in the past 12 months


2472 verified reviews in the past 12 months


How Cryptocurrencies Work

How Cryptocurrencies Work

How Cryptocurrencies Work