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Right Here. Right Now. The Easiest Trading Platform EJust about every cryptocurrency investor buys the top four or five digital currencies for their portfolio. Sometimes investment interest overshadows a crypto as a convenient currency for small purchases. Litecoin gets to live in two worlds at the moment. It's accepted as an investment crypto because its market cap lands Litecoin in the top five cryptos most days. Plus, fast transaction speeds make it popular as a transactional currency.

Litecoin came into being in 2011. Brought about by a Google developer, Litecoin began as a 'fork' off of Bitcoin. The main difference between Litecoin and Bitcoin is in the block processing time which is 2.5 minutes instead of Bitcoin's 10 minutes. This has led developers to claim that Litecoin operates faster than Bitcoin, but others have argued that other time-determining aspects of the overall blockchain system would be neither sped up or slowed down by the different block processing time. They claim Litecoin total transaction processing time has little to do with its block processing time, which is one small aspect of the overall system.

Litecoin has become a popular and robust digital currency. The coin's market capitalization lands it as the 3rd or 4th largest cryptocurrency at the end of most trading days. A month after its 2nd birthday, Litecoin first reached $1 billion in market capitalization. The value of Litecoin jumped 100% in November of 2013 as it started to approach the $1 billion mark.

Should I Buy Litecoin?

Bitcoin sits on a perch above all other cryptos, but just because it squawks the loudest doesn't mean it's the only bird that squawks. Moreover, someday there's likely to be a bigger bird.

Here's a story from an industry craze a century ago: The Stanley Motor Carriage Company once seemed unbeatable. In 1906, Ford's future seemed questionable, GM didn't exist yet and The Stanley Steamer automobile (steam not gas powered) set the land speed record. But things change fast. In a little more than five years, Ford and GM's gas-powered cars dominated the market.

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So today's biggest cryptos may be tomorrow's afterthoughts. However, at least one or two of today's top four or five coins have a good chance of being around a century from now (or six years from now). Litecoin's future aims include a developer effort to make the coin easier to use as a transactional currency, putting it on the same market trajectory as Ethereum.

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You also can use to sell your Litecoins. You can exchange Litecoin for traditional currencies or cryptos like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum.

Best Litecoin Trading Platform is the most reliable way to purchase Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies. We are digital currency specialists with decades of combined experienced from the earliest days of crypto development.

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What's A Litecoin Transaction Like?

In the Litecoin vs Bitcoin debate, Litecoin already has some advantages. First, it pays 25 coins for every block. Bitcoin pays only 12.5. Many cryptocurrency users have been moving away from Bitcoin as a transactional currency because of the long transaction settlement time.

Litecoin was founded and continues to be adopted and developed as a faster alternative.

Whether Litecoin is worth investing in or not depends on what users will want from cryptocurrency. Right now, the market is flush with buyers who don't know much about cryptos except that they want them in their investment portfolio. As time progresses, the practical uses of cryptos will drive the value and investment strategies, and Litecoin looks to be dedicated to developing itself as a very practical digital currency.

Where Do Litecoins Come From?

Litecoins come from mining just like many other cryptos. They aren't exactly 'discovered' like diamonds but are a 'reward' for allowing your computer or device to be used for blockchain calculations.

Litecoin Wallet uses Blockchain Wallet for all your digital currencies. We make a Blockchain Wallet and create a free account to access your Litecoins.

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Blockchain Wallet can be used as a digital wallet for storing, buying and selling cryptocurrencies like Litecoin. This is a secure wallet that keeps your digital currency and passkey encrypted. Like paper wallets, they can get lost if they are stored locally on a computer that gets left behind or stolen. Over a billion dollars worth of Bitcoins is thought to be on a lost hard drive somewhere in a landfill in the United Kingdom.

The easy-to-use and safe Blockchain Wallet is one of the most popular online wallets and can be accessed from anywhere. We are no longer responsible for the safety of your coins once they are moved into your Blockchain Wallet.



2472 verified reviews in the past 12 months


2472 verified reviews in the past 12 months


How Cryptocurrencies Work

How Cryptocurrencies Work

How Cryptocurrencies Work