An ACH (Automated Clearing House) and SEPA (Smart Electronic Power Alliance) transaction refers to an electronic payment which allows transfer of money from the bank account of one user to the bank account of another user over a secure digital network based on a set of protocols and procedures. Since ACH/SEPA transactions eliminate the need for cash, paper checks, wire, and credit card networks, they are often called direct payments. The ACH/SEPA system is secure, quick and dependable and these attributes has made ACH/SEPA transactions one of the most widely used ways to transfer money.

For an ACH/SEPA transaction to work, two banking institutions must be involved – the Originating Depository Financial Institution (ODFI) and the Receiving Depository Financial Institution (RDFI). Basically, ACH/SEPA transactions involve both direct deposits and direct payments and can be used for consumer transactions, government transactions, and B2B transactions.

The mechanism behind the ACH/SEPA transaction is simple. Foremost, a sender uses the ACH/SEPA network to initiate a direct payment or direct deposit. The ODFI (the bank of the sender) will send out the ACH/SEPA transaction along with other ACH/SEPA transactions of other bank account holders to the ACH/SEPA operator which is usually a clearing house or the Federal Reserve. The transaction will be processed by the ACH/SEPA operator and made available to the RDFI (the bank of the recipient). Once the transaction has been received by the recipient, the transaction is complete.


The benefits of the ACH/SEPA transactions include:

  • They have some of the lowest transaction fees for transferring money.
  • They are more secure due to the elimination of multiple processing points.
  • They allow auto invoicing, payment and payment tracking which make the transactions easier.
  • They are more convenient for both the sender and receiver.
  • They save time due to faster processing time.
  • They reduce human errors associated with other types of transaction methods

Our users investment limit after initial account activation is set at a maximum of $3,000. However, if you would like to increase the limit, log in your account and select the “increase my limits” option. The compliance officer will request for the upload of additional documentation such as your picture ID. Your documents will be reviewed by the compliance department and your quantity limit will be set based on the review.


Generally, the ACH/SEPA process has a 3-day cancel period by the sender; therefore, we will process the transactions and ensure that every ACH/SEPA client receives the bitcoin within 5 to 8 days. Depending on the Blockchain volume. Buyers cannot sell the next day as we will still be processing the transaction during this settlement period.


To access your ditital currencies, download the Blockchain Wallet and create a free account. Blockchain Wallet is a digital wallet that can be used for storing, buying and selling cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum. It is a safe, easy-to-use and secure digital wallet that can be accessed from anywhere around the world. There is an easy-to-follow guide on the Blockchain Wallet website that every ACH/SEPA user can follow to start using the digital wallet. After moving your Bitcoin or other digital currencies into your Blockchain Wallet, we are not responsible for the safety of your coins.


All of our User's digital currency is securely stored in each individual User's Blockchain Wallet and the Blockchain Wallet is held privately on your phone. The Blockchain wallet is a non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet that allows you to see the value of your digital currencies in any fiat currency you choose. Blockchain Wallet has no access (ever) to the private keys that are needed to access the funds in any User's wallet. The Blockchain Wallet model is 100% peer-to-peer, with no intermediary ever holding, managing or touching your digital currencies at any point in any transaction.

In order to safeguard the funds held on your Blockchain Wallet, it's imperative to create a backup and save your recovery phrase in a secure and accessible location. Printing a copy of your recovery phrase and placing the paper copy in a bank or safe is practiced by many digital currency professionals. In the event, a phone is broken, stolen, lost or the app is deleted accidentally Blockchain Wallet never has access to your funds or the associated recovery phrase.


Blockchain Wallet is a non-custodial wallet where you can purchase, store and transact with different digital currencies (BTC,BHC and ETH) using fiat currencies (including USD, Euros and Pounds) within the same digital wallet. Non-custodial differs from traditional custodial services in that we do not store funds on your behalf. In plain terms Blockchain Wallet does not and can not ever access our User's digital currencies. We use blockchain technology as the underlying mechanism to ensure you have complete, total and unique control over your digital currencies at all times.

Blockchain Wallet enables our User's to move different digital currencies out of their Blockchain Wallet and send them to any external digital wallet or to another Blockchain Wallet User. 


Blockchain Wallet technology is the most sophisticated, secure and reliable Blockchain technology. Blockchain technology allows our Users to purchase, store, deposit and withdraw digital currencies securely and safely each and every time a transaction is initiated.


Yes, Blockchain Wallet is a decentralized wallet giving our User's complete and total access over your digital currencies (you get a private key). Blockchain Wallet has no access to the user’s private key. All of your digital currency balance(s) are kept with one recovery phrase. For additional information regarding your recovery phrase, please click here.


Blockchain Wallet is held securely on your phone. Blockchain Wallet does not hold your digital currencies on any of our hosted servers.

The following information is stored on Blockchain Wallet's servers:

  • Your profile information which includes your name, Email address, and phone number all of which can be edited from the 'Menu' tab on the Blockchain Wallet app.
  • A link between your phone number and the public key of your Blockchain Wallet(s).

The following information is publicly available on the Bitcoin Blockchain:

  • Your public key. Please Note! Your name, email address and phone number IS NOT posted on the Blockchain.
  • Your transaction history.

Please note you can edit your profile information at any time.