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What is Bitcoin Cash?

Just like many other digital currencies, Bitcoin Cash comes from mining. The coins aren't exactly 'discovered' like diamonds but are a 'reward' for allowing your computer or device to be used for blockchain calculations.

Where To Buy Bitcoin Cash?

Unlike other trading platforms, BuyBitcoinACH.com gives our clients access to Bitcoin Cash through the ACH and SEPA financial transaction systems. This ensures timely completion of purchases and provides the utmost in security and convenience.

Bitcoin Cash Exchange

As the hard fork occurred on schedule at Bitcoin block height 477120, and Bitcoin Cash was born, the value immediately skyrocketed over 100%. This was a great boon to many digital currency traders who received, at the time of the fork, one Bitcoin Cash token for every Bitcoin token in their wallets. 

Bitcoin Cash Wallet

BuyBitcoinACH.com uses Blockchain Wallet for all your digital currencies. Open your account and we will make your free Blockchain Wallet to start buying Bitcoin Cash coins today.